Integrated Command Centre


How it works?

We provide the entire solution suite from consultancy, planning and design to installation, integration of other sub-systems (E.g., VFM, iREP and map visualizer) and testing.


The smart professional surveillance system functions include the following:
-24 x 7 command centre.
-Identify and respond to any security threat and building hazards.
-Reporting and response to any security threat and building hazards.
-Able to record and playback of activities that happened up to 1 month ago.
-Images and videos feedback on sites can be remotely transmit to the HQ Command Centre.
-Smart analytics for the fire alarm system.
-Image analytics to identify possible threats.
Able to activate car parks and security barriers remotely


Quick to detect and address any issues that happen on-site remotely to avoid confusion, as well as outages and potential problems pertaining to threats.

Operations personnel are given full access to trouble reports and mobile workforce management to efficiently address restoration efforts.

Automates processes that were typically handled manually.